1960's Era Harvest Festival 

1960's Era Harvest Festival 


"Harvest," a time to gather in, to share, a time to give thanks. When the Children's Home began the tradition of Harvest Festival many years ago, the purpose was to give the churches an opportunity to visit and tour the campus of their Children's Home. Each church brought food and other needed supplies for the Home. A meal was shared and thanks were offered to the churches and to God for blessing the Home.  The tradition continues today. 
The churches now bring an offering instead of food and other items.  We still share a meal and offer thanks to the churches and to God for their help.

2016 Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who gathered with us at our Mountain Harvest Festival and on our campus.  It was wonderful to see familiar faces and share in laughter, good conversations, and a delicious meal.  We appreciate the financial support we received at each Festival.  Your generous gifts help us in the daily care of our kids.  It is not too late to send your donations if you were unable to attend.  We cannot do this without your help! 


At each of our Harvest Festivals our young ladies let their talents shine through dance and our fellas shared some wonderful poetry.  At our campus, Margaret Lackey was recognized as leading the Campground Committee which purchased flag poles for our campus.  The manager of our local Food Lion, Brian Sides, was recognized for his continual support of Our Home.  Everyday we receive food from Food Lion that helps feed our residents.

Each guest in attendance at our campus Harvest Festival received a ticket. At the end of the program tickets were called for door prizes.  The prize everyone had their eye on was a Yamaha children’s four-wheeler.  Eighty-four year old Thelma Lucas had the first ticket called and she immediately claimed the four-wheeler!  She said, “When I saw that up there I thought to myself, ‘If they call my ticket, I’m getting that for my great-grandchildren!’” (Mrs. Lucas probably rides it when they are not looking!)  We certainly enjoyed these events and we hope everyone who visited with us did as well.